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Of-late you would have observed another new feature on Whatsapp, i.e. Blue Colored Double Tick Marks, which Whatsapp has been testing for last 2 days and now the feature is available with a lot of mobile phone users by default.

I observed it today and to my surprise, the app did not even update and this feature was unlocked, I believe this was already available in last version of WhatsApp but was not active.

While this ever growing mobile messaging app, already had “Double Tick” feature to confirm that the message has been received by the receiver, WhatsApp now made use of color to make it more useful and taking it’s app to next level where no one can compare it with SMS; which is already dead!

Whatsapp Blue Colored Double Tick Marks

While checking its FQQ section, I discovered about this feature in detail, which says:

In a group chat, the second check marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message.

How to Block Whatsapp Blue Colored Double Tick Marks?

Well, everything is fine and good enough feature for most of the WhatsApp Users but for some, or, sometime for anyone, there is no option to disable this feature. Same question again repeats itself when WhatsApp had released “Last Seen” feature, and, some user wanted to disable this feature.

So, not to wait much longer, here we have very simple trick to disable this Blue Tick feature on Whatsapp:

When you receive Whatsapp Message notification in notification bar of your mobile phone, you get to know about the sender and the message snippet. After this you can disable your Mobile Internet Network or Wi-Fi Network and finally check your Whatsapp message. This will block Whatapp to send Message read status to the receiver. But when you will connect to internet again, the seen status will be sent to the sender. This one of the temporary workaround to hide away from this feature.

Another workaround for this is by installing third party Mobile Apps, which can disable the internet connectivity of Whatsapp Only. This can be security app, like antivirus program or app specifically made to block Whatsapp on your phone. It needs testing on your specific mobile phone device. On my Mi3, it has inbuilt security app to disable internet connectivity to certain mobile apps, which worked for me.

Hope this post will help you in hiding your seen status message and I will be updating this post with more working tools. In case, if you have better work around for this, do, let me know in comments below.

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Oops…I don’t have balance right now!…Can’t call you!…A common dialog, when you are running out of balance on phone. Don’t worry…you can make call from Internet…without any charge. It is available on internet for a long time but may be due to one or other reason you would have not used it! So, here are some of the web-sites from where you can make call. Call to Mobile Online

How to Make FREE Call to Mobile from PC:

First Service is

Now you can directly call to your friend for free from internet browser itself using call2friends service. The free call is available for a Minute, and you can call in India, China, USA and other countries for Free for this time frame.

Call2friends browser service need you to have adobe flash player installed in your PC and you must have a decent internet speed with mic, headphone and headphone.


Second web-app on list is Voip Maker:

Yes, you can also make Free Phone call from above link of Voip Maker, you just need need to go to above link, put in your friend number with international code, e.g. for India add 0091 to the beginning of your number. Finally, click Dial Button to make free call from PC.

Third Phone to Phone Service – Free Call without Internet:

Yes, now this is the latest trick through which you will get 2 Minute of Free call service even without accessibility of Internet. As of now this facility is available for Indian Mobile users.

  1. To avail this free service from your mobile, Dial 180020802080.
  2. After your call goes through successfully, you will get auto disconnected after few rings and then you will get a call back from the number.
  3. Pick up the call and tell your name along with friend’s name.
  4. Finally as per instruction key in your friend’s number,and the call will be connected!

Note: In India some operators may not be supported, I checked &it was working perfectly with Tata Docomo and Airtel in Katrnataka, however Aircel is not supporting here.

Forth web-app on list is ZoiPPE:

Hongkong Based VOIP service provider Zoippe is offering free worldwide calling credit to new users via a special invitation link, to make use of the free call credit.

FREE Call to Mobile - ZoippeZoippe offer features like:

  • Zoippe SMS
  • Zoippe Call Divert – Not at your PC? Simply divert calls to your mobile or fixed line – and stay connected always!
  • Zoippe IM – Exchange messages in real time with other people over the internet.
  • Zoippe Linkup – Enter your phone number and your friend’s phone number. ZoiPPE will link both numbers for that crystal clear call…more
  • Zoippe IM

Fifth service is iCall:

Another PC software you can use to make free internet phone calls. You can make free calls from PC to phone using this free software. The computer that you make calls from can be anywhere in the world but for the call to be free, the number you call must be in the United States or Canada. But you can’t make free phone calls using iCall if you’re calling outside the US or Canada.

Phone Call Online Software

iCall is available as a free app on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux and as a free iPhone, Android app too. Free phone call will be disconnected after a short five minutes but you can call the number back again. You can also call directly from browser, from their website, but the call is limited to three minutes only.

Another solutions are:

Friends, I have tried my best to get the best of online services to you. Let me know if you discover some new trick for make free call in the comment below.

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You need a new phone. But you don’t want the hassle of going to the electronic store, talking to the people there, have them throw the million offers in your face and expect you to make a decision right then. You want to take your time and look at all the different phones, decide which one best suits your needs and then look at the offers that they have. So one of the best options is to buy the phones is in an online store. Check out the following Indian websites from where you can buy your next phone!



The great thing about Amazon is that for each phone it displays the various offers for it from various sellers. So you can look at their description and be assured about their trustworthiness and go ahead and buy the phone. Every seller will have a different price, so you choose your ideal price among them. Some of them are your well known stores. Customer reviews also available!flipkart


This site has all the brands from Samsung to XOLO and from Windows phone to an Apple iPhone. And you be assured that the latest model will be available here! They provide you with lots of discount on mobiles. And below each phone is a description of what its features are. There is an option of ‘Add to Compare’, so you can compare up to 4 phones at the same time! And you can also know what others think of the same phone from reading about it in the comments section. Be rest assured about the quality!ebay


So Ebay has only 6 brands to offer but it’s a trusted site nonetheless. You’ll find all the latest phones having discount at eBay. On clicking on the phone of your choice, you can read up on the product description. There are many sellers out there and ebay guarantees their authenticity! Add the phones you want to your wishlist and spend your time comparing as to which one you want. And if you don’t like the product once you get it then you are guaranteed 100% refund/replacement.tradus


So this website makes shopping a little easier for you. Have a budget? The site has some preinstalled budget schemes and then it shows you the best phones under that particular budget. So you already are given an idea and a suggestion of what you should be looking for in your phone of a particular budget. This site also has a 7day return policy.snapdeal


Another great website for great discounts and great deals! They have quite a LOT of brands. And to add to this, some of them even have freebies like 3G packs. EMIs are also available. Plus you also have a 7-day return policy. You can compare up to 4 phones here. You also get reviews from other users of the phone.

If you want to avail of better offers check out the websites like for the deal of the day and more exciting discounts! You will find what you need for sure!

Author Bio: Sanjana Rao is a student of Christ University, pursuing an Undergraduate degree in Psychology, Sociology and English. With a penchant for online shopping, she works with content development team at Dealstan.

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Apart from making life smoother, Gadgets have become the benchmark for our style as well as our personality. We pick out gadgets that would compliment us more. Whether its the tablet, or a geeky t-shirt or Mac, we just love to associate ourselves with them. It’s time to take this association one level up. Thanks to wearable gadgets, ways of using technology has undergone a revolution in itself. They not just define style but also works amazingly. I have listed down 5 wearable gadgets that I found the most useful.

1. Google Glasses

While Google stands at top when it come to technology and friendliness combines with simplicity.Google Glasses

Recently, they launched Google Glasses which will not only help you to send messages directly from your eyewear but will also help you in seamless navigation, play Music and enable you to communicate quite easily and conveniently. More detail about these glasses is available here.

2. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Augmented reality was available only in science fiction movies. That sounds like something a hundred years old! This is the era of smart glasses.Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Following the notion of Google Glasses, Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses gets paired up with the android phone via bluetooth. It comes along with Android 4.0 version, GPS, Wi-Fi and a storage of 4 GB. With M100 smart glasses, we can launch our favourite app and see the application on a 800×400 pixel screen in front of our eyes. The world of augmented reality is now open for us to experience.

3. Fuelbands from Nike

Nike+Fuelband is a health monitoring band. We love to exercise, but what’s the point of all that labour if it is not being monitored. This wearable gadget tracks down the calories burnt along with daily exercises. Setting goals, getting a detailed review of every activity and having the game-like feature of unlocking achievements makes this band amazing.Fuelbands from Nike

The band comes with a LED light that indicates the progress in every activity. Sharing every bit of our life on social media has become a norm. So why not this? The iPhone app makes it possible to share regular progress report on social media.GOQii

Similar to this but with more advance features, now we have GOQii, which come with virtual trainer too and available here in beta stage.


4. I’m Watch

Wasn’t those watches fascinating we saw in MI series where Ethan Hunt could just speak codes and do so many things? I’m Watch is almost like that. The only difference is we donot need to become secret agents to have one! This smart watch comes with its own set of apps it connects with the android phone via bluetooth and then performs every action that a phone can.I'm Watch

It is touchscreen and shows notifications regarding emails or messages. Making or receiving calls is also enabled as it comes with an in-built hands-free microphone.

5. Swarovski USB Necklace

It sounds wonderful when we hear “technology designed only for women”.Swarovski has been elegant and stylish from day 1 in its design. Now coupled with technology, this brand brings in two-heart shaped USB worth 4GB storage in form of a necklace.Swarovski USB Necklace

Donned with crystal and blended with elegance, this has to be the most sophisticated gadget a girl will own in the present era! “Wearing” the technology is now a norm. The wait is to see what more new technologies come up that we can wear around comfortably yet look extremely stylish. If we have missed out on any other more stylish wearable gadget, ping us.

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Searching for someone’s mobile phone number can be tough, or even impossible. Naturally, a primary reason that individuals buy a mobile phone is for them to get some measure of privacy. Furthermore, phone books usually do not carry listings of mobile phone numbers, so there is absolutely no paper trail to check out.

Find Mobile Location with Mobile Number Locator

Find Location of a Mobile Number following Steps:

However, I am not saying that locating a mobile phone number record is an unattainable task. Previously we posted about finding detail about a Mobile Number in India. Although cell numbers are notoriously difficult to find information about, there are a handful of tricks you can attempt:

1. Try search engines

Once you already know the phone number, try keying it to your favourite internet search engine, like google, bing or yahoo and find out what will come up. If the mobile phone number you search for has been entered anywhere on the Web – public profile or a blog – it’s going to show up and it is possible to keep track to which it is associated with.

2. Try social networks

There are huge number of people who are registered on social network sites around the globe. Many people begin using these networking sites in sharing their information with one another, and yes, it does include their phone numbers. Just type the individual’s name into the search function of the site and find out what will come back.


Additionally, probably the most well-known social network is Facebook, boasting during the time of this writing of more than 500 million members. It is a great resource for keeping track of people, and while many of the ways for you to find folks here are fairly totally obvious, there are many informational sources inside of Facebook that may not be quite as simple to use. Go through this post How to Use FB to Find People – 10 Easy Ways to explore how one can use FB to discover mobile phone numbers and much, much more.

3. Try looking via username

Individual Usernames or codes/names for individuals accessing a computer, website or a network may also be great jumping-off points to rack down a mobile phone number. Because so many people make use of the same username in several sites, you are able to sometimes find the mobile numbers of the person you’re tracking down by simply typing that login name into your preferred search engine and wait for the result. If the particular person has keyed in his phone number anywhere on the Web beneath his username, it’s going to show up in the search engine query.

Consider using a niche internet search engine. There are a multitude of search engines like google on the internet, and every one of them offers unique results. Though common search engines can be valuable in most search scenarios, at times niche search engines – resources that satisfy a particular search purpose – comes in handy. People search engines could be extremely beneficial in this regard simply because they search and access information that is only people-related, consisting of mobile phone numbers. Key in the individual’s name (use quote marks around the name so that the search will be even more targeted), or enter in the mobile phone number itself to get related information.

People search engines include: Pipl, ZABA Search, Wink People Search

4. Consider using a reverse mobile phone directory

mobile phone directory

There are several pretty helpful cell phone directories on the net that provide reverse cell phone search. Two of the very reliable services include:
Argali White and Yellow: It is a metasearch for a large number of different mobile phone directories; A fantastic starting point for your reverse mobile phone search.

5. The Ultimates

Easy yet potent mobile phone directories all-in-one spot.
Should you pay for this data? After many years of obtaining lots of emails from disappointed readers who have paid so-called “legitimate” services promising to perform a mobile number search, I’m able to say with confidence that no, you ought not to pay for this data. Not one of those folks has been able to have success using these sites offering to find these records for you. They have the same info you are doing on the net – if you cannot locate it, they most likely can’t either.

What happens if you cannot find the cell phone number you’re looking for? Regrettably, that’s the norm rather than the exception. Cell phone numbers are maintained very private by a lot of people, and because they are not in any sort of publicized directory these days, it can be very difficult to track them down. Nevertheless, don’t stop trying – try these tips in this article to assist you in your cost-free cell phone number look-up, and you simply may get lucky.

Guest Author Bio:

The AUTHOR is an expert in mobile phone searches online. She loves to share his expertise to bloggers all over the web. She is also a contributing writer to

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Sometime you may want to block few websites on your computer. May be you are looking to concentrate more on your work and want to block social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Yes, with Google Chrome Browser you can block websites in the same way you can block them on Internet Explorer (IE). It is easy to do and you do not need a plugin, however, there are a few plugins (extensions) that will allow you to block a website if you want to do it that way. The plugins are better for if you want to block a certain element of a website. For example, if you wanted to block the lingerie section of an online clothing store, yes you can do that with chrome plugin.

Block a Websites in Google Chrome Browser:

1. First, you launch Google Chrome. In the top right hand corner that is a wrench symbol. Click on the wrench and navigate to the “Settings.” Click “Show Advanced Settings“.


2. Once you are in Google Chrome options you need to select the “Change Proxy Settings” button.



3. You will see a security tab. You need to click the “Restricted Sites” bit. Now click on the site button.


You are given a place to type in your URL for the website you want to block. It is better to paste in the site you want to block. Here in this setting, you cannot block sections or categories, so it is better to paste in a clean domain name.

Once you have added your website domain you need to click on the “add” button. You have now added the website to your blocked list so you can close the window.


Why you may use a Google Chrome extension instead?

There is the reason mentioned in the introduction where you may block categories instead of being forced to block a whole website. Another reason you may use a plugin is because the method above is easy to reverse, you just remove the URL from the tool. If you are blocking to stop a child, than a child could read an article like this and remove the block. Here are few Google Chrome Plugins, which you can use to block websites:

  • Block Site – Add a website you want to block in the options and it is automatically blocked.
  • Adblock Plus – All in one plugin extension, which can be used to block ads, section or website or complete website.

Google Chrome blocks are easy to overcome because a person may use IE or Firefox and look at the website from there instead. In next post I will explain you how to block a website completely on your computer, so that no browser would be able to open it through out the system.

Guest Author Bio:

Lea Herrmann, writer who makes emergency essays for

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Few months ago I posted about the Free Software which you can use to make free call to mobile from PC. Now there is no denial that we have become app-centric and started using more of android device. An app for everything- Yes, that is the norm! From finding directions to locating people, there is an app for everything. Here we will discuss how to make a free call from an android mobile or tablet. The only prerequisite is an internet connection, which can work with 3G or Wifi.

Make Free Calls from Android Phone in a Matter of Few Steps:

  1. Connect android device to the internet
  2. Visit Google Playstore.
  3. Search for “free calling apps” and select one.
  4. Click to download.
  5. Install and simply start using.

Now lets come to the most vital part- which app to download?

Android Mobile Apps to Make Free Phone Calls:

Google playstore hosts a huge number of free calling apps. According to the present market, here is a list of top five calling apps-

1. Viber

Viber makes connecting with the world easier. An app that syncs with contact lists stored in android device, Viber is sure download for free calling. HD sound quality and an option of video calling puts Viber on a ‘must download’ list for free calling.

2. ooVoo

ooVoo won the ‘Best Android App‘ award in 2011 followed by ‘Tabby Award’ and ‘Best App Technology award’ in 2013. This app provides highest quality of video chat along with allowing you to make free voice calls as well. It’s easy to sign up and even more easier to start making calls. Not just calling, ooVoo also integrates text message feature. ooVoo also support free group video chat with up to 12 people on 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi and you can experience the best quality video and audio.

3. Tango

Tango has everything- calling, messaging and entertainment. We loved it when, with calling, we could climb leaderboards and challenge friends in ‘recommended games’. Unlimited free voice and video calling, Tango has won ‘Best Communication App’ and ‘Best Texting App’ ( Reader’s Choice Awards) in 2013. HD video quality, group chat with upto 50 people, editing and sharing pictures, text messages, fun animations, finding out friends- this app is an all-rounder.

4. Line

A Japanese proprietary, Line is a great app for messaging and calling. There are no limits to calling and messaging. Filled with funny emo-stickers, Line has the option for video as well voice calls. While line reaches over to 231 countries, you can make free International calls among 380 million users. Yes, this app is the one which is multi-platform, i.e. it can be installed on mobile, computer, pc and tablet too.

5. Skype

While other apps sync with the available contact list in the android device, we love Skype because it lets us connect with those who are on our skype list along with our existing contact list people. However, the reason we have put Skype at the end is, Skype does allow calling those who doesnt have a skype ID but at a minimal price. It’s free till the call happens between two skype ID owners.

Meanwhile, if you are in US, then you can also tryout Google Voice account along with installing Android Google Voice App, to make free calls to US and Canada. Or, if you are in UK, you can check updates on the plan of Facebook, who are planning to launch Facebook mobile messenger app with voice call feature.

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Music is a mystery. New technologies like iPhone make it closer for everyday life. However, there are many professionals among us who are looking not only for inspiration, but also for special apps that help to create music on the go or record sounds as if you are in sound recording studio. Today, we’ll check top 8 free music apps for sound creators.

1. Timer & Notes


These are default iPhone apps made by Apple that every iPhone owner has. But if you’re professional voiceover talent or a singer, these apps are your best friends. Thanks to timer and notes you can take down you ideas on the fly and make sure that your length is OK for a song or poetry.

2. Garageband


Another great product by Apple is Garageband. The app has everything you need to learn, play, record, mix, and share great sounds. The app promises that it is so easy that even if you’ve never played a note, you can deal with Garageband.

3. Soundcloud



Creative people need to share their findings. Soundcloud is the best place to grab and share your inspiration. Download simple app and upload your singing and vocal performance right from your iPhone. Now every other musician can evaluate your work and comment it.

4. YouTube



The next app every sound-fan shall install is YouTube. Yes, YouTube isn’t only for cats and dogs. It’s a great way to express your music talent. Even Justin Bieber has started on YouTube, why can’t you do the same?

5. Feed

Feed is a popular service for composers who love to mix .wav files and make loops, tones and similar art work. You can cut, join or split audio tracks. Feed app interface is simple yet elegant with usual circles and colorful dots.

6. Orphion



Unlike the other applications in this list Orphion – this is not just another tool for mixing and changing already made tracks or recorded sounds. It’s a real musical instrument. Although the mechanics of it is more reminiscent of piano sounds in the application much more varied – people hear them in a variety of instruments ranging from the violin to the balalaika. One of the main advantages of the application you can build on your own keyboard.

7. Soundrop



Someone might call Soundrop boring or minimalist. It is a rare application that refuses to use common circles, bright colors and geometric shapes in favor of white dots and white segments on a black background. On the screen at the same rate white dots appear that bounce off you built segments and thus constitute the music composition (more monotonous, but no less entertaining).

8. Scape


Scape application is a set of backgrounds, shapes, patterns and colors that user can combine on his/her own, and based on the different combinations, you get the music . Total number of elements is 80; they all appear as long a user creates music. Also Scape gallery contains 8 example tracks as well as multiple playlists in the same style.

To sum it up, music apps for iOS is the category which isn’t deprived of developers’ attention. In the AppStore, you can find dozens of programs with a variety of features and design for both professional musicians and music amateurs.

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Did you know you can customize ads which you view on lot of websites through Google adsence program? You can customize it in different ways according to your interest and even completely turn it off, when you don’t want to see ads on website through Google. You can select from wide category of interests ranging from Art & Entertainment, Auto & Vehicles, Finance, Food & Drink to Travel, Sports and even according to different demographics.

Steps to Customize Google Ads Preferences:

Well to start with, head over to this customization page:

Login if you are not, then click “Opt in” button as shown below:

After this you will see new button saying “Add Categories” hit it and from pop-up window select desires categories:

Finally, add interested categories from wide range which can be selected by expanding each category and click “Submit” after selection completes.

When you don’t select any category, you will not view any ad from Google on any webpage.

Remember, your interests are associated with an advertising cookie that’s stored in your browser so, you need not login into your Google account.

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Almost everyone are already using smart phones nowadays. The use of these devices enable us to learn and teach in easy ways. In the whole new way of learning in this modern day, we can now use apps and games to educate children. Check these seven of the best iOS applications that will help your kids learn more!

Best iPhone Apps of 2014 To Educate Your Kids:

1. Super Why


Learning in fun ways are possible with this app! Super Why will let your kid choose their favorite character among the four main characters of the PBS show. This app is best for children to learn and practice their rhyming, spelling, reading, writing and reciting the alphabet. It is best for kids ages three to six.

2. American Museum of Natural History

american museum

It is fun learning together with your child for this app will definitely give you knowledge that you don’t know yet. It is the best app for parents and children bonding because American Museum of Natural History is for all ages. If you think that your child can be a paleontologist in the future, this application is the one that you should download. Creating an image of T-Rex, its interface has more than 800 amazing mosaic of dinosaurs photos for your kid to enjoy. Tapping photos will give information about the featured creature.

3. The Pianist


If you observe that your child loves music and he has the potential to be a musician someday. Well, this is the cheapest music instrument that you can give him. Make your little Mozart happy by transforming your iPhone into an 88-key piano. Its 3D keys depress as your child touch them, the most realistic feature of an app that your kid will surely love. Recording, overdubbing and playing it back are some of the coolest features of this app.

4. Scribble Lite


This is a no-mess sketch pad for your artistic kid! This app can turn your iPhone into a miniature sketch pad where your child can draw his masterpiece and create a lot of art works in an endless possibilities. This features tons of colors, pen sizes, and photo options on how to draw. Kids just have to shake the phone to erase their drawings.

5. Toddler Teasers



Shapes -With the name itself, Toddler Teasers Shapes teaches and quizzes the kids on basic shapes. It usually tells the kids on what shape to touch, and if they got the four correct answers, they will be given a virtual sticker as a reward. Don’t worry for kids playing this app will also learn on their mistakes. If they touch a wrong shape, the app will tell what shape it is and they can continue guessing again. This app is best for kids because it was created by a real mom and dad.

6. Memory Match


Child Development Edition -This is a game for children to exercise their brain and boost their memory. There is no luck in this app, kids just need pure memorization in this flash memory game. Children need to remember where they last saw a matching pictures or numbers, and in every correct match they will earn points.

7. WordSearch Kids



A cross-word puzzle in your mobile! This app will nurture your kids vocabulary. They just have to search and highlight vocabulary words by tapping the first and last letters. Because there are hundreds of puzzle available, children will surely learn a lot!

Author Bio:
Dana Kurt is a full-time adventurer and a content contributor for She also loves writing about technology. Reach her through her Google+.